A short guide about Alghero


Alghero is perhaps the most vital and full of charm among the big cities of Sardinia.
If you going to ride our West Passage you could visit Alghero at the beginning of your bike tour.
This short guide will provide some link about museums, restaurants, experience and info about the city of Alghero.

Located along the north-western coast; it is perhaps the most touristic city in Sardinia.
The only one among the big urban centres of Sardinia that has the beaches inside the city.

As Cagliari, is one of the 7 royal cities of Sardinia.
Title obtained during the Spanish domination that allowed the city a form of self-government and greater autonomy.

Fifth city of Sardinia by a number of inhabitants; also known as Barceloneta due to the influences of the Catalan domination which in addition to the dialect can be seen throughout the city, the old building and the walls.

In addition to the promenade full of bars and other attractions, we suggest you lose yourself in its historic centre; certainly the most fascinating part of the city.
A labyrinth of streets that overlook small squares full of charm and history.
Besides the summer, the most interesting moment of the year is Holy Week, with religious rites coming from the Spanish tradition.

The city is also famous for the art of coral processing that here is combined with gold to create true works of art.
Both in the old part of the city and in the centre are located, in addition to restaurants, pizzerias and bars it is possible to stop and visit the small coral shops, jewellery, and souvenirs.


We usually use Hotel Oasis or Angedras but all the historical center is plenty of nice Bed and breakfasts.


Situato a ridosso delle mura, è uno dei nostri ristoranti preferiti ad Alghero


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