A short guide about Cagliari

Depending on the tour you choose, you could visit Cagliari at the end or at the beginning.
This short guide will provide some link about museums, restaurants, experience and info about the city of Cagliari.

Cagliari is the largest city in Sardinia; the capital and the seat of government and regional parliament.
A beautiful city on a human scale overlooking the Mediterranean Sea which has a multi-millennial history that goes from prehistory to the present day.

From the Punic, Roman, Pisan, Aragonese and Spanish Sabaudian dominations / colonizations till to become part of the kingdom of Italy and the Italian republic.
Dominations interrupted alone in a short period of independence during the 300 years of life of the Giudicato of Cagliari.
Arriving from the sea, the face of the city is certainly marked from Castell; a medieval fortress built on a hill whose profile stands out against the rest of the city.

Among the architectural attractions is the Cathedral of Cagliari from the 13th century, the towers of San Pancrazio and dell’Elefante and the Bastione di Saint Remy.
In addition to Castello, the other historic quarters such as Stampace, Marina and above all Villanova offer authentic glimpses of real life and are almost like small towns within the city.

Among the naturalistic ones we cannot fail to mention the Natural Park of Molentargius and of the Saline; the Poetto beach and the Sella del Diavolo.
Cagliari is a city that in recent years has undergone profound changes that have accentuated its beauty.
A city that slowly point to the future looking intact at its characteristics and its links with the past.
A delightful city shaped by the sun, the sea and the wind that has its strength in welcoming and that will not fail to fascinate you for its simplicity.


Due to their central location and the ability to keep the bcii, we use both the HOTEL ITALIA and the SARDINIA DOMUS guest house for our tours.
If you are looking for a cheap solution, we also suggest the Marina Hostel; the city’s only hostel located in the heart of the Marina district.


Our favorite seafood restaurant that we also use for our tours

An excellent restaurant of Sardinian culinary tradition; specialized in meat-based menus and other flavors

The best vegan restaurant in the city.


From prehistory to the Middle Ages; the most important exhibition of antiquities in Sardinia.
Among the many finds it houses the statues of the Giants of Monte Prama found near Cabras.

It is one of the many symbols of the city.
A limestone promontory where you can admire the coast and unspoiled nature.
A nature trail on foot will take you to the top

One of the most interesting naturalistic parks in Sardinia, easily reached by bike from the center of Cagliari.
A natural environment in balance between ponds, flora, birdlife and ancient salt pans

The largest city market in Sardinia and according to someone the largest civic market in Europe,
Inaugurated in 1957; offers the best of sea and land products caught and produced in Sardinia.


The beach, also known as the beach of one hundred thousand, is a long stretch of sand east of the Devil’s Saddle.
It a place for sport and relax all year round.


Located a few steps from the train and bus station, Cimar is our partner for bike delivery in the city center.
It provides assistance to passing cyclists and is able to put the bike back in place if you have to leave for an exploration of Sardinia by bicycle.

If you have rented one of our bikes and you have to leave from Cagliari for a bike trip on your own, here you can find what you need to complete your outdoor equipment such as gas cans, tents and sleeping bags.

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