FAQ about Bike Tours in Sardinia

Our FAQ page answers questions you may have about our bike tours and one day trip in Sardinia

What types of bike tours do you offer?

We offer different types of bike tours with various grades of difficulty (1 to 5) according to the kind of bike (mountain bike, trekking bike or road bike) used.
Most of our proposals are in a self guided formula, with gps but for a group we can also arragen a guided one
Over the bike guides and a IchnusaBike support vehicle we also provide every service is needed.

In what part of Sardinia do you organize your tours?

We are based in Cagliari, but we have several bike tours that start from the main ports and airports of Sardinia with various types of tours and difficulty available.
We have bike tours that start from Olbia, Alghero and Cagliari airports.

Does your catalog have bike tours suitable for beginners or families with children?

Sure, some bike tours were designed and tested both with people at their first bike adventure and families with children.
Among our bike tours, here can find our bike tour expecially designed for families

What is the difference between a guided or a self guided bike tour in Sardinia with Ichnusabike?

In the guided tour, as well as an expert local bike guide who will guide you along the route you have chosen.
There also will be another person of our staff that, with the assistance of a support vehicle, will transport luggage, aid you for any assistance necessary along the bike stage and prepare you our unforgettable picnic.

In a self guided bike tour, following our gps, it will be you and your bike to mark the pace and timing of each day.
We will take care of your luggage, hotel reservations, some dinners.
In case of emergency, you can rely on our telephone support that will follow you throughout your bike adventure in Sardinia.
In self guided tours we have included a complete booklet with all information about your trip.

How many meals are included in a Self Guided tour?

It depends on the tour you have chosen but we usually prefer to leave some free dinners.
It allows you to experience the best Sardinian cuisine.

What equipment is included in the bike hire for a Self guided tour?

If you decide to rent a bike from us, it will be equipped with 1 ortlieb rear side bag, helmet, repair kit, spare inner tube, levers, mini pump and lock.

What should I take in a guided or selfguide bike tour?

Besides your personal belongings, we suggest the following equipment: a few pairs of shirts and bike shorts, pants and long sleeve shirts, 1 pair of shoes or bike sandals (with or without spd), water bottle.
We also suggest sunglasses, suncream, swimsuit and camera.
Any type of medicine frequently used and full prescription in case you need to buy more during your stay.

Does you recommend travel insurance?

We sincerely wishes for every guest to attend and complete the bike holiday they have chosen but travel insurance is strongly advised.
It can help you in case of unexpected personal emergencies, health issues or transportation problems that might cause you to cancel or shorten your trip.
If you are Italian, we recommends to purchase a travel insurance from Columbus Assicurazioni.
If you come from abroad we recommend World Nomads

What is IchnusaBike’s cancellation policy?

Our full cancellation policy is located here

Is there something that we didn’t answer with this FAQ page about bike tours in Sardinia with us?
Please send us an email to info@ichnusabike.it