Meet Our Team

About Us 

IchnusaBike Adventures is an active tourism portal that comes from the collaboration between TO ISLA TRAVEL that manages our tours and a crew of bike, nature and tourist guides with a passion for Sardinia, cycling and sports in general.

IchnusaBike was established in 2003 but at the end of 2016 we implemented bike tours and bike rental with other activities that some of us have been practicing for a long time both in the professional field and for a real personal passion.

How It All Began 

In the second half of the 90s, we started to explore Sardinia by bike and then made it known to some friends.
Since that time we began to wonder if this passion could become even a job.
If that desire to continue to explore and learn in a different way could turn into an opportunity to promote our island to those who, like us, felt more like a traveler than a tourist.
If making others appreciate nature could in some way preserve and enhance it rather than destroy or deface it.
We used the following years to form ourselves, to improve, to become guides and figure out what we wanted to transmit this land and how to give life to this project.
In 2001 we started to outline our first tour made up of several days that could give an idea of our Sardinia.
After this trial period, in 2003, IchnusaBike was founded, and by the end of 2016, we added other “adventures” to the bike tour, bike rentals and excursions. These other “adventures” were not only bike tours but were also tours related to hiking and kayaking.
Other types of sports that some of us already practiced for some time either professionally or because of our personal love for the sport.

Bike Tours in Alghero - Team


The Handyman 

If you come to Sardinia it may be that you see only him or that you do not see it at all, but if you are on tour it is also thanks to him. Tourist guide, Nature and Bike guide with a passion for Sardinia and long trips to discover other distant cultures


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The Explorer

Among all of us, Amos is the one who is still exploring the island looking for the most scenic roads and the most spectacular places. Nature guide, Bike guide and mtb instructor for the FCI ( Italian Cycling Federation).

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The Ichnusa Logo

Knows Sardinia (formerly called Ichnusa) as its pockets … the passion for cycling is an old story, almost as much as the rocks of the nuraghe, our prehistoric towers located in every corner of the island! Tourist guide and environmental excursion, will tell you a lot of stories and anecdotes about the magical places you will cross!


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The Technician 

Bike guide with a passion for mountains on foot and in Mtb. An excellent preparation in cartography and use of GPS.

Why choose our services 

Are you looking for a cycling or active holiday in Italy?
Why don’t you choose Sardinia?


Since 2003
We are Sardinia specialist for cycling holidays, active tours, hiking tours and bike rental.
We personally tested our tours and continuosly checked our routes.
As cyclists, hikers and travelers we like the idea that you could have the best experience of Sardinia.

No matter how far and fast you want to travel
Do you think traveling is is more than a simple departure and arrival?
Our cycling and hiking tours are for you that even in a few kms you can still feel an explorer.
For who, every day, needs to know something new, taste good food, drink good wine and get in touch with people and local culture.
The pace is yours to decide.

IchnusaBike Assistance
We are always with you along the way!
Before your arrival in Sardinia, providing you all the information you need to choose your trip and be ready for your holiday.
During your tour with our guides, our phone assistance, our local parters and the hotels we have selected for their charm and hospitality.

Social Responsibility

The passion for the bike has brought us here and we have added the need or better understanding that it is the duty of all to protect the beauty of this world, this land where we have the good fortune to live.
As local guides, we have in recent years created a network of contacts that allow us to enhance local cultures and productions and to give added value to our proposals that unlike the travel of tourism flee, they are transformed into real experiences that give the possibility to establish real contacts with people and places crossed.
We provide advice on the promotion of the territory by bike; we press on local administrations and public bodies so that they understand that the valorisation of territories does not necessarily pass through the creation of useless and harmful tongues of asphalt that destroy old paths, roads and mule tracks full of history.
Aware of the importance of this means, the bike, within urban mobility, we collaborate with various associations for its promotion both as a tool for reducing traffic and pollution and as an instrument or practice of “socialisation “.
We take care and occasionally take care of recovering and operating old bikes that we donate for free to people looking for a means of economic transportation.

Environmental Responsibility
IchnusaBike is aware of the responsibility that derives from his actions and choices.
We are specialised in cycling trips and while we are aware that in many of our services, the support of a motor vehicle is necessary, we try to encourage customers to use, where possible, the synergy of the bike + train or bus.
We provide them with all the indications that reduce the wear and thus allow a longer life of the equipment rented.
In addition, we have favoured the web channel with respect to printing of paper catalogs and worked on a site that allows us to manage customer requests and all booking phases without necessarily having to use paper.

The name Ichnusa 

Ichnusa is the name of the most popular beer in Sardinia that is produced not far from Cagliari but the name derives from an old legend.
At the time of the times, after having created the various parts of the world, the Lord set about creating Sardinia, He looked inside his heavenly expedition, but noticed that little was left to be able to forge an island; just a pile of poor pebbles.
But it was the uncertainty of a moment, assembled the stones, scattered them in the sea, and when he saw the last ones emerge with one foot, the first form of Ichnusa was outlined.
The work of God, however, was not finished, we had to add something so that life could be born among those bare rocks.
So the Lord took from the other lands what was missing in Ichnusa and, spread all over the stony base of the island, he cloaked it of a fantastic nature, then with a breath he created animals and men.
This in a nutshell is the origin of the name Ichnusa, which would mean footprint, the name Sardinia instead, derives from Sardus, hero bèrbero came from Africa.