A short guide about Olbia

Olbia is one of the most vibrant cities in Sardinia.
This short guide could help you at the beginning or the end of our tours which start in Olbia.

Despite a legend describe it as a colony of the ancient Greeks in the West; the foundation of Olbia probably dates back to the times of the Punics.
Since the 1960s, it has been the gateway to the Costa Smeralda.
The VIP coast which is located about 30 kilometers north of the city.
The city has undergone a profound change over the past 10 years.
From a landing airporto to reach the Costa Smeralda and the other coastal towns, the city has become a real destination.
A place where you can spend time enjoying the east coast and at the same time take advantage of the services you can find only in one city or small town.

The nightlife, the restaurants, the bars in the historical center are full of life and now all year round are plenty of locals and tourists.
These are the practical information and attractions that we suggest you visit or the hotels, restaurants and shops that could be useful if you arrive in the city before / during and after our tours in Sardinia or simply rented a bike from us.


A small hotel located in historical centre of Olbia we use for our bike tours in the north east of Sardinia


The historic restaurant in Olbia in the city center that will introduce you to traditional local and Sardinian dishes.
The restaurant is located in Via Cavour


Not far from the Olbia train station .; in a site affected by settlement continuity, in an elevated position and in correspondence with the ancient western Roman necropolis stands what is probably the most important and ancient religious monument of north-eastern Sardinia.
It is dedicated to St. Simplicius, the bishop of the city and martyr under the Emperor Diocletian.

Located opposite the old port, the building has a shape that recalls the image of a ship moored, due to the role of Olbia as a port city in the history of Sardinia.
The Museum illustrates the entire historical story of the ancient city and the territory of Olbia, from prehistory to the nineteenth century.
In particular, the exhibition is dedicated to the history of the port and the city in its Phoenician, Greek, Punic and Roman phases.


Located a few kilometers from the city center and reachable by bike, Pittulongu, also known as Puntale Lungo, is the favorite beach of the olbiesi ,.
It is a splendid and extended “crescent” of very fine sand and crystal clear water.


Our trusted store for bike spare parts and clothing for cyclists.

You forgot something at home; the small Decathlon store not far from the airport could help you.

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