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IchnusaBike Adventures is an active tourism portal which is a partnership between ISLA TRAVEL TO who runs our tours and a group of tour, nature and bike guides with a passion for Sardinia, cycling and sports in general.
IchnusaBike was born in 2003 but at the end of 2016,  we have implemented the bike tour and bike rental services with other activities that some of us practice in both professional and personal passion.


In the second half of the 90s, we started to explore Sardinia by bike and then made it known to some friends.
Since that time we began to wonder if this passion could become an actual profession; if that desire to continue to explore and learn in a different way could turn into an opportunity to promote our island to those who, like us, felt more like a traveler than a tourist; if making others appreciate nature could in some way preserve and enhance it rather than destroy or deface it.
We used the following years to form ourselves, to improve, to become guides and figure out what we wanted to transmit about this land and how to give life to this project.
In 2001 we started to outline our first tour made up of several days that could give an idea of our Sardinia.
In 2003 we put our first version of Ichnusabike.it site online.



Marcello. The handyman
If you come on a tour  in Sardinia may be that you will see only  him  or not at all, but you owe your tour to him.
Nature guide, bike guide with a passion for Sardinia and  long-haul journeys to discover other cultures.

Amos. The Explorer
Among all of us, He is the one who is still  exploring  the island and looking for the best scenic roads and the most spectacular places on this island.
Bike guide, Mountain bike and off-road expert qualified by the Italian Cycling Federation.

Franco. The Ichnusologist.
He knows Sardinia (formerly callaed Ichnusa) as the back of his hands... the passion for cycling is an old story, almost as the rocks of Nuraghi, our prehistorical towers settled in every corner of the island!
As a Guide and Nature Guide, He will tell a lot of histories and anecdotes about the magical places you'll cross!

Mauro. The great technician.
Nature and bike guide with a passion for mountains and mountain biking
It has excellent skills in cartography and gps routes design.


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Social Responsibility

Passion for cycling and hiking led us up to here and to this we add the need or rather the understanding that it is the duty of all to protect the beauty of this world, this land where we are lucky..

The name Ichnusa

First for all Ichnusa, is the name of the most popular Sardinian-made beer, which is brewed close to Cagliari. The name is derived from an ancient legend: in the beginning, after creating all the..

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You can could contact us as follows: Email form:is the easyest way to communicate with us because we are uasually out of office. Phone: If we are not avalaible you can write us an email or leave us a..

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3 top reasons to Choose Our Services 1) About usWe are Sardinians, we have almost 15 years of experience and are specialized in active holidays in Sardinia.We are cyclists, bike guides, tour guides,..

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East Passage

Bike Tours
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Le Luci della Costa Smeralda

Bike Tours

Transardinia Classic

Bike Tours

Towards the mountains of sand

Bike Tours

Cagliari by bike

One day trips

Between sea and mines

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Why choose our tours and services

Since 2003

We are Sardinia specialist for cycling holidays, active tours, hiking tours and bike rental.
We personally tested our tours and continuosly checked our routes.
As cyclists, hikers and travelers we like the idea that you could have the best experience of Sardinia.

No matter how far and fast you want to travel

Do you think traveling is is more than a simple departure and arrival?
Our cycling and hiking tours are for you that even in a few kms you can still feel an explorer.
For who, every day, needs to know something new, taste good food, drink good wine and get in touch with people and local culture.
The pace is yours to decide.

IchnusaBike Assistance

We are always with you along the way!
Before your arrival in Sardinia, providing you all the information you need to choose your trip and be ready for your holiday.
During your tour with our guides, our phone assistance, our local parters and the hotels we have selected for their charm and hospitality.

Bike Rent

Road Bike Trek 2.1
Road Bike

Road Bike Trek 2.1

  • From: € 16.00

Our racing road bike for hire that will allow you to feel free and fast.A lightweight road racing bike for one day training around Cagliari and other exciting roads in Sardinia. INFOBikes..




  • From: € 10.00

Our solution for boys and girls up 130 cm high24" Wheels  and 18 speeds.INFOBikes are reconditioned before each rental.With our delivery and collection service, you can..


Trekking Bike Bemmex Next2 Lady
Trekking Bikes

Trekking Bike Bemmex Next2 Lady

  • From: € 10.00

Our best trekking bike with a hight level group set, pannier ad bottle rack and a confortable saddle.The ideal bike for one day trip and journeys of several days and distances.Mainly created for..


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