Sardinia good reads – A selection of books about Sardinia

Books are something that should never be lacking in the luggage of each traveler.
Something to take with you to relax on the beach or read at the end of the day during our tours in Sardinia.
Here a selection of our Sardinia good reads.
A selection of books to understand Sardinia that could fit for each traveller .
A list of writers and books that will introduce Sardinia and its culture,history and tales.

These are the books we have read and we advise you to read about Sardinia before or during your stay in our island.
A mix between “classic” and modern authors who talk about different “Sardinias” that we consider interesting to understand something more.
A way to explore Sardinia through the books of some of its voices.
A journey by your journey to discover our island.

Passavamo sulla Terra Leggeri

by Sergio Atzeni
From prehistoric times up to Eleonora d’Arborea age and the battle for independence in a sort of fairy tale that tells the story of Sardinia.
The fantastic and the real one.
A history of freedom, revenge, defeat and rebirth until the battle of Sanluri in 1409 when the island lost is fight for indipendence.

Padre Padrone / My Father My Master

by Gavino Ledda
An autobiographical book that tells the story of a child forced to leave school to become a shepherd and help the family.
A clash between generations and worlds.

Canne al Vento / Reeds in the Wind

by Grazia Deledda
It is the novel with which the author won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1926
Against the background of the Sardinian landscape, men are like the reeds.
Fragile and bent by greater forces that mankind can not oppose.
A Sardinia in the balance between ancient customs and a future at the door.

In Sardegna non c’è il mare

by Marcello Fois
The description of a Sardinia or rather of a part of it that is so far from the idea that one generally has of the island.
Distant from the stereotype of a region where it always seems summer and that in the collective imagination, it seems exclusively linked to the sea and the holidays.


by Emilio Rigatti
The travel diary of a bike traveller to discover the different “Sardinias”.
As different as travelers who decide to look further.
A book of meetings and discoveries for bike lovers and travelers looking for the essence of the places they pass through and the people who live there.


by Michela Murgia
Set in Sardinia during the 50s , it tells the story of the “Accabadora” in a village of a Sardinia.
From the Spanish Acabar, this figure is the last mother.
The woman who, with an act similar to euthanasia, puts an end to suffering and helps the dying without hope to the passage between this world and the afterlife.

This is our constantly updated list of books about Sardinia tales, history and culture.
If you have any other title to suggest for our “Sardinia Good Reads” section, please write to
We will be happy to add it to this list!