Physical Preparation for a Bike Tour (for Beginners)

Physical preparation for a bike tour is important but it’s not the most important
If this is your first bike tour, then we could suggest some tips that will make your cycling experience in Sardinia less tiring and therefore more enjoyable.

Are you a seasoned cyclist/biker or a begginers?

If you are a seasoned cyclist/biker or you already had a bike travel experience maybe you probably will not need to read this guide.
This because you are already trained or you already know how to train.
If this is your first bike tour, then we could suggest some tips that will make your cycling experience in Sardinia less tiring and therefore more enjoyable.

Most of the tours we offer have difficulty levels 2 or 3 and above all, they require a good attitude or mindset for travelling and for the difficulties that sometimes it entails.
Nothing prepares you for a bicycle tour as much as the habit of being in the saddle.
It doesn’t matter if you practice other sports successfully.
Swimming or spinning can improve your cardiopulmonary efficiency but they are not like cycling.
To travel by bike, it’s necessary to get used to spending time on the saddle and to put a strain on the muscles that you would not use with other sports.

Speed is not essential!

Cycle tourism is never a race, no matter how long it will take you from A to B.
The journey is not a shift from A to B; it’s what you do, see or hear from A to B that will give value to your travel.
Take your time; visit the museums and archaeological sites in Sardinia that we suggest in our roadbook.
Stop to take pictures, in bars or in countries to talk to people and/or just to take a breath.

Find your pace!

Given this, if you want to be ready for your bike tour in Sardinia don’t wait until two or three weeks before your departure.
Start your preparation at least 6 weeks before.
Start changing your mind and your body by riding small distances that gradually increase.

Training advice

Use the bike to go to work or shopping or bring the children to school and over the weekend use it to ride bigger distances.
From 6 weeks before, start to ride on a bike with progressive distances without paying too much attention at kms and speed.
From 4 weeks before, ride at least once a week the average daily distance of the bike tour you have chosen.
Choose initially flat paths and then look for itineraries that have short climbs.
From 2 weeks before the ride at least twice a week the average daily distance including a bike stage that exceeds at least 70 kms.
Increase the climb percentage and repeat some of them at least twice.
In the last week, continue pedalling but decrease the intensity of the training and its last; rest is essential!

In short

This would be optimal training but if you do not have enough time, make small distances daily in the city even in different parts of the day.
Find climbs near your home or in your city and do some repetitions to get used to the effort.
Maybe you will not have the perfect workout but leave without problems.
Our experience as cyclists and bike tour organizers, told us that after the first two stages of your bke tour, you will really start to tackle your biking days more easily.
This is because your body will adapt better to the effort
Above all, you will enter into your inner journey and you will find your pace.

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