How does a self-guided tour work?

Are you thinking about one of our self guided bike tour and you need more info about it?
This page will help you to understand how a self guided tour works.

What is included in a self guided tour

In every self-guided tour, you will receive a booklet and a GPS that will guide you during your adventure in Sardinia.
If not included and you chose the extra transfer, we will pick you up from the airport.
We will drive you until the hotel that it is also the starting point of your bike trip.
After checking in we will meet again for the briefing.
During the briefing, we will give you all the information you might need.
We will show and explain you the booklet and teach you how to use the GPS.

The GPS and Tracks

The GPS contains all the tracks to allow you to get from the first point to the others without directly opening the maps or detecting your position.
With the GPS you will receive also rechargeable batteries and a charger.
Tracks are organized by day.
To make your trip easier, some daily tracks are divided into several parts.

The GPS will show you the road to take but the booklet will give you all the necessary info to better enjoy your bike trip.
In detail, the booklet contains a small GPS’ user manual, a guide on how to repair a flat tire, instruction on how to use your gears and more tips to make you enjoy your bike trip.
We use Garmin GPS.

The Booklet

Day by day the booklet will also show you maps, elevation profiles, historical and geographical information about the villages you will be biking through.
You will find also information about, museums, archaeological sites and monuments, parks and beaches.
It will show you where to find the closest services, like restaurants, hospitals, ATMs and more useful tips.

Your booklet or better say, your travel companion also contains a small guide regarding Sardinian foods, wines and sweets.
The last sheet contains the list of the hotels you will visit during the tour.
It will provide information about the baggage transfer service and the meals included in your package.

We hope this is the explanation on how a self guided tour works has been useful.

Enjoy your ride with IchnusaBike Adventures!